Blair: I meant what I said on the phone. Gossip Girl may have been sneaky, butthey were also extremely smart. I'm mean, too bad it's more than our rent but I think I can sew something like it. Erik Stylist and personal shopper. And you know who loves parties? You know my mom: If it's not broke, break it. See for yourselves. Why are you wearing that one? Nate Serena, you are not supposed to be here. [EXT NEW YORK - Several people are standing in the streets, looking at the newest 'Gossip Girl' entry on their cell phones]. Without you, Im nothing. Some people may see what was there all along. Nate You know, aren't we entitled to choose just to be happy? That's the way things are supposed to be. Dramatic Monologue. Come out, come out, wherever you are. The American had tea. Someone just leaked my diary to Gossip Girl. Nate: Well is something actually wrong or is this just a ploy to get us both here? I just wanted it to be a surprise. Lucky for us, Melanie91 sent proof. [They get into the cab, Nate watches them leave, Blair and Chuck stand outside too]. They had to overcome drama with quite a few villains between season 1 and season 6. I figured my work was done. Chuck and Blair's relationship is a bit polarizing as Chuck has done some terrible things but even if fans don't agree with the relationship, Blair still seems wise and mature here. [EXT - NEW YORK - PARK - Nate and his father are having a race, Howie wins]. How was your weekend? Dan What? [Chuck signals Nate that they have arrived at school], [They get up, Dan is standing behind them, Chuck turns to Dan]. Blair Really? Other presents come when you least expect them. Eleanor: Serena van der Woodsen? Serena Mmh, yummy! Lily You're sure it's not some ploy your using my daughter to get to me? When parents have sacrificed for their childrens futures, what kid would want to let them down? It's been good for her. Mine was funny and kind. Everyone has a best friend. [EXT HOME OF THE WALDORFS - The doorman opens the door of a town car, Serena gets out], [INT BLAIR'S BEDROOM - Blair and Nate are kissing on the bed, undressed]. Sererna: Chuck, don't you ever touch her again! Eric: Yeah, Wow. Uhm, your mom told me you guys are staying here at The Palace. More Scandals. Get out! Text. Gossip Girl (Voice Over): Spotted: Lonely Boy can't believe the love of his life has returned. This one looks like a scorcher. But our moneys on Brooklyn for the win. And if she did know you I think she would really like you. ], [Dan gets another text message: Jenny (Mobile), Sep 25, 2007, 9:15:44 PM, 911, 4 REAL PLEASE. GG: None of the above. In fact, in Chuck's case, there was no love lost when helet his father fall from a building to his death. Serena Let me guess: You told everyone Erik is just visiting grandpa in Rhode Island. It reminded me when she started the war against gossip girl and looked at camera like it was some power move meanwhile I was like what is even happening.i didn't understand a thing.. and her bully speech, like every monologue she has . Blair: Course I did. Uploaded by Shahirrah Shaziman . The spotlights on her for once and S helped her get it. Nate will wait. Serena: There you are. Visting hours are over. Blair Waldorf seen dallying with an off-duty doorman on Monday night. Rufus Well, you are in my dreams, Lily and one of them particular occurs finding you in the back of a Nine Inch Nails bus with your shoes in your earrings and Trent Reznor oh, that happened! Jenny Maybe you'd care if dad's band was on 'Gossip Girl'. She's having some problems with that guy Chuck. We were always together . The ends are dry. Kristen Bell. Blair: School so I guess she's back for good. I thought this was an emergency. Beverly is trapped inside her new married life and suburban home and needs an escape plan. Blair is understandably tired and stressed out about her mom's always changing love life and doesn't want to see her mom hurt again. Dan Yeah, no, I it's not a problem, really. Don't be a slacker! I don't know what beauty is. Uhm, what do you want to talk about? Serena So, you're actually hiding him. Excuse me. Dan I'm gonna do a lap, ok? Gossip Girl fans love Blair Waldorf's strength, intelligence, and sense of style, including those preppy headbands. 19 Dramatic Shakespeare Monologues For Women. Nate: Yes, well Dartmouth is my first choice. Serena Uhm, from last night, right? And here is yours. Flowers, maybe some jewellery if she's really upset. Serena Oh, I've missed your witty banter. Blair I think that's a good idea. Jenny So that wasn't your laptop you've been to last night to read all about Serena van der Woodsen. And you know who loves parties? Nate I know. Where the only thing bazaar are the donated items for sale. Eleanor: Blair, if you're gonna to wear one of my designs tell me about it so we can at least get it properly fitted. Chuck Last year the Sheperd wedding think I don't know why you left town? Mom and Dad. Blair: I'm just saying, I have moves. not only does @hayyyshayyy break news, she can create a "Gossip Girl" monologue about the NHL trade deadline . [EXT NEW YORK - PARK - Chuck and Nate are taking a walk, smoking a Joint]. Fanny Mae Alcott - young female reporter who . Spring Break is done and Im starved for a dish. GG: Spotted skating at Wollman Rink: the Blair Capades. RELATED:5 Worst Things Dan Did To Serena On Gossip Girl (& 5 Worst Serena Did To Him). Chuck Ok, I am sorry. Dan Yeah, 'Rolling Stone' named them one of the 'Top 10 Forgotten Bands Of The '90s'. They're stuck with one another for life. Sadly for Linda, she has never . Gossip Girl (Voice Over) Looks like little Jen might end up with a new boy and a ticket to the inner circle. Gossip Girl (Voice Over): Wonder what Blair Waldorf thinks. Chuck: Nathaniel, any interest in some fresh air? If it wasn't such a tragedy it would have been funny. Super successful parents expect nothing less from their offspring. There is probably a bit of jealousy going on here, but also a clear headed and mature sense of reality. I never really have gotten . You do love truffels? The Magnificent Archibalds. To call the series "woke" feels reductive. Aya Tsintziras is a Senior Writer at Screen Rant who enjoys writing about TV and movies. Gossip Girl: Spotted on the steps of the Met: an S. and B. power struggle.Did S think she could waltz home and things would be just like they were? Chuck Yeah? Whos your Daddy, B? Gossip Girl: The French revolution had cake. Gossip Girl here. Blair gives great advice, even if she can't always take it herself, and when she's commenting on the chaos of her life or standing up for herself, Blair showsGossip Girlfans that she's always intelligent. Dan She doesn't know me. You will find that the monologues listed here are a good mash up of both comedy and drama monologue pieces. Blair saysthis intelligent and romantic quotein the season 3 episode "Last Tango, Then Paris," and her words are compelling for a few reasons. Gossip Girl: And just when B and S had built a bridge, it all had to come crashing down. But it could only last for so long. Sweet dreams, Serena. Aya's favorite movies are Scream and You've Got Mail and her favorite TV shows include My So-Called Life, Gilmore Girls, You, and Seinfeld. Enjoy reading and share 6 famous quotes about Gossip Girl Monologue with everyone. They get into plenty of arguments and stop talking for weeks on end . Jenny: Come on, Dan. Look, Blair's my best friend and you're her boyfriend and she loves you. Washed up band, crappy so-called 'art gallery'. NEXT:10 Best Chuck & Blair Gossip Girl Relationship Episodes. Serena's look was modeled after Kate Moss. Spring's Awakening. Blair: Excuse me, Captain. Is this just another round of blanks fired between B and Little J? [INT HOME OF THE WALDORFS - Serena walks in and gets noticed by Eleanor]. Blair: Thanks, mom. [Chuck plays with his drink, looking bored, Isabel and Katy are reading their text mesages]. Serena I didn't come back for you. Gossip Girl : Speak of the Devil and he doth appear. It looks like the battle between the Queen B and Little J has moved from the streets to the blogs. Dan You really go out with some guy you don't know? Serena Well, I wish I could have been there. Series 1: 1. Whats going on? Thats right: Debutante season. Gossip Girl: Wakey wakey, Upper East Siders. Jenny Ah, the invisible man returns. They, along with the rest of the Upper East Siders, provided some deep insight about friendship, thatviewerscan still relate to, ten years later. Blair and Serena had plenty of fights over boys, and some of them got out of hand. Well, there is Miss van der Woodsen now [Serena turns around and walks over to the reception]. And just as suddenly she's back. come on. Or will he end up with another victim? Looks like you got a lot of yoghurt left. Chuck Actually, I prefer them when they're not talking. And its wearing kneesocks. Sererna: Well, I don't think we can top this one. Rufus Serena van der Woodsen. Do you know how it felt, calling your house when you didn't show up at school and having your mom say: Serena didn't tell you that she moved to Connetticut? Eleanor Because I love you. I'm waiting for that moment when I break. Gossip Girl: Whyd she leave? There were plenty of flashbacks on the "Gossip Girl" finale, most of which focused on Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) and his first encounters with Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively).In the present time, viewers saw Dan decide to give the final chapter of his book to Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford) and "The Spectator," which revealed who Gossip Girl was. I choose you. As the entire script before performing your monologue. [Nate passes Serena without looking at her, Serena turns around and stares at Blair], [EXT ROOF TOP - Chuck tries to kiss Jenny against her will], [INT 'KISS ON THE LIPS' PARTY - Serena finds Dan]. Jenny Yeah, but mom's gone and dad's allergic to department stores. GG: This just in: We hear theres a cold war brewing between Lonely Boy and a certain Blue Blood. If only she knew who he was. This monologue was definitely based on my junior high and high school experience, so I would imagine that others can definately relate and find something to . Gossip Girl: Serena van der Woodsen, looks like your invitation just arrived. [FLASHBACK - ONE YEAR AGO - INT BAR - Serena and Nate make out heavily, undressing each other, Chuck watches from the balcony]. I'm not gonna see Serena again or even talk to her. Nate I don't know. But the downside? Chuck Well, if you're looking for a way to thank me I've got a couple ideas. Season one is split into two parts: Part One and Part Two, each having six episodes. While it might not be healthy, their betrayals exemplify that Blair and Serena can get through anything. not only does @hayyyshayyy break news, she can create a "Gossip Girl" monologue about the NHL trade deadline . Eleanor Waldorf is gearing up to take her company public and I've been cording her for month to let me handle the deal. At some point in her life, Melanie went off track and ever since she's been trying to find her true calling. Looks like Little J didnt spread her legs after all. GG: Another bomb lands in Blairs lap. Jenny Thanks. When the mere act of descending a staircase means youre a woman. It's Been A While Since My Last Confession. Sasha used to be good friends with Miss Popularity at her school. Miss Julie. Dan: How many times do I have to tell you? Chuck Well, what about a grilled cheese with truffel oil? Lily Ehm, I think what I'll do is to get him a croissant down the street. Serena So I'm a little overdressed, aren't I? And as for me, I can see clearly now. No matter how much money a person has, it's hard to be happy without someone to share their life with. Blair: Don't be nervous, he's gonna love it. Dan Eh, yeah, hi, nice to meet you Misses van der Woodsen. Keep that in mind. Save some trees, have a blog. "Summer Kisses Winter Tears" - Elvis Presley. [INT HOME OF THE WALDORFS - BLAIR'S BEDROOM - The room is lit by candles, Nate enters, Blair is waiting for him in lingerie]. [INT HOME OF THE HUMPHREYS - Jenny and Dan are standing in front of a mirror, getting ready to go out]. The best part of Gossip Girl was seeing our favorite characters triumph over adversity and hard times. episode 1 in season 4 where she tells serena how heartbroken she actually is, how sad she is, that's a good one. I think it may be for the best. MONOLOGUE WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Poor Humphrey. Thats the secret Ill never tell. Gossip Girl: And everyone knows the biggest present comes in the smallest box. Blair makes viewers laugh with a smart quote about how instead of fancy jewelry, she realizes that Cyrus is a good person and a great influence on her mom. Gossip Girl: Spotted: Lonely Boy. Beautiful Day (drama) 1-2 Minutes. The characters of Serena van der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Dan Humphrey, Chuck Bass, and Nate Archibald always came out on top regardless of who they were facing off against. Find a character or situation that you can relate too. Rufus Maybe if musicians would get off their blogs and picked up their guitars then music business would be in better shape. Chuck I love this town. Author: Matt Fox. A monologue from the TV show GOSSIP GIRL. She was the only person who spoke to me. And I'm pretty sure she thought I was someone else. ', she leaves the bathroom and rejoins a party, her mother, Eleanor, is talking to a friend]. I mean the fur and the teeth are really authentic. NEXT: Gossip Girl: 10 Most Heartwarming Scenes Of The Entire Show. And everyone is talking. [INT THE PALACE HOTEL - BAR - Chuck enters, shoves some women aside], [Chuck walks over to Serena who is having another Martini]. One good scandal deserves another. Let me take a look at this again, dad. They might all have more money than they know what to do with, but while money is important, it's true that it isn't everything. So, uhm, sensible tortured soul boy is actually kind of superficial. They get into plenty of arguments and stop talking for weeks on end, butno one in the series is proud of who they once were. Eleanor: I'll set a place for you at the table next to Blair. MONOLOGUES FOR GIRLS One Sunday Afternoon by James Hagan [This lovely, if somewhat sentimental play, written in 1930, is about young love in a small Midwestern town. Dan Honestly, I don't really have a problem with your appearance. Jenny Dad, this is not a platform for me to end capitalization. [The guests notice Serena and start gossiping]. More Secrets. Although Blair schemes and treats people poorly during the first few seasons of the original show, she has a redemption arc and becomes a better person by the series finale. Come on, we need to get you out of here before mom shows up. Eleanor And put some product in your hair. Unless you want us to wait for you. In the season 2 episode "Bonfire of the Vanity," Blair is upset about her mom Eleanor falling in love with Cyrus Rose. Blair's throwing it. Gossip Girl: Hey Upper East Siders. XOXO Gossip Girl. When she's not writing, Aya enjoys working out, reading a good book (usually a thriller) with a cup of coffee, and spending time with friends and family. Amy Adams earned her first Oscar nomination for Junebug, and after watching this monologue, you'll understand why the critics couldn't get enough of her performance . 11. [Serena notices Nate on the other side of the room, Blair opens her bedroom door and walks into the room, blocking Nate from Serena's view, Serena and Blair hug]. Chuck Talk to Chuck, buddy. But maybe love never met Georgina Sparks. I don't know who he is, but I do know this: At a time when I was trying to hide myself from myself, he was there to show me a new way. Dan Uh, you know you know, dad, there's this thing called 'myspace' where you post all this information online. More accurately, new Gossip Girl is a show that . Isabel So cute! You'll mom will be back. You know, I really had no idea you could move that fast. All Monologues; Popular Types: Popular: Women; Men; Teens; Kids; Comedic; Contemporary; Shakespeare; Explore Great Comedic Monologues. She has a Political Science and Media Studies degree from the University of Toronto and a Masters of Journalism from Ryerson University. I told you I love parties. Don't believe me. Gossip Girl: Then there are those boxes you wish you had never opened. Serena Morning, mom. Then maybe I should swipe some of my dad's viagra? "Bunny Is A Rider" - Caroline Polachek. Refined. This monologue is extremely self-aware. You don't give up just because things are hard. Enjoy the show! And Serena and Blair? Watching Blair accept Cyrus into her family shows a lot of growth. "Because I'm nice. GG: Spotted: Chuck Bass losing something no one knew he had to begin with. The best dramatic monologues in cinema can be found within every genre. Thanks for the photo, Mel. Concierge How did you know it was Miss van der Woodsen if you didn't read it and if you are not a guest at the hotel what were you doing there? Blair: I wouldn't miss it. Serena I got to get going and change for school. Jenny It's called the 'Kiss On The Lips' party. And Blair has a two-for-one special. While others cling to the security of being part of a group. Chuck: Victory party, here, tomorrow night. Today I felt beautiful. I have a feeling. can you tell me few scenes in which blair has long monologue which shows her acting skills and character? And I have the biggest news ever. From Gossip Girl's true identity and Dan's story in The New Yorker to Chuck Bass owning a bar at age 18, Gossip Girl loved to tease us with absurd plots. Chuck Best friend and the boyfriend. Especially if it's the middle one. Uhm, look, when Prince Charming found Cinderella's slipper they didn't accuse him of having a foot-fetish. It'll be like she doesn't exist. My name is Dan Humphrey and that is my little sister. But you know what is? Number One Fan. And its just a matter of time before this one snaps. [Serena walks up to them, eating a yoghurt] Serena Hey, here you guys are. Performing Acting Monologues can be nerve wracking. Blair explainsthat her mom has been single and heartbroken and when Serena says that she's sorry, Blair quips that she doesn't think so. Blair said she wasn't invited she is wasted she is so brave [Isabel and Katy both get new text messages]. Nate Yeah, I'm gonna need it. Its more than just getting into college, its setting a course for the rest of your life. Gossip Girl: Hey Upper East Siders, its Christmas in New York. This is pointless. For better. When fans debate Blair and Chuck's Gossip Girl romance, it's important that Blair tells Chuck that she wants to stand on her own and get to know herself or she will never be ready for a real relationshipwith him. Chuck: Come on, you're ten times hotter than any of those girls. I go to your school. Dan Wait wait a second, is that why you needed me? In the pilot episode, Blairand Serena see each other again after a long time when Serena comes back home after boarding school. GG: The only thing feared by the spawn of Satan? Nate Thanks for meeting me. [Blair walks up to her boyfriend, Nate, and his father, also called 'The Captain']. Serena You asked my out on a date and you didn't think I was nice? Gossip Girl: 10 Blair Quotes That Prove She Was The Smartest, 5 Times Blair and Serena Were Good Friends On Gossip Girl (& 5 Times They Were Horrible), 5 Worst Things Dan Did To Serena On Gossip Girl (& 5 Worst Serena Did To Him), 10 Best Chuck & Blair Gossip Girl Relationship Episodes, Big Bang Theory Secretly Hinted At Paiges Dark Young Sheldon Future, One Big Bang Theory Main Character Was Only Meant To Be A Guest Role, The Conners Just Made Jackies Andy Retcon Even More Confusing. We need your help. Gossip Girl: They say a leopard cant change his spots. But on the Upper East Side, we call it Sunday afternoon." "SpottedLonely Boy's rude awakening. Whyd she return? Serena No, no, listen, if it's Chuck it's not ok. [INT 'KISS ON THE LIPS' PARTY - Dan and Serena enter]. One of my many sources, Melanie91, sends us this: Spotted at Grand Central, bags in hand: Serena van der Woodsen. Was it only a year ago our It Girl mysteriously disappeared for boarding school? Rachel is considered to be unpopular with most of the other students because she comes across as being self . [Serena takes Blair's left over Martini and emptys it in one gulp]. Serena Oh well, if the happy couple didn't want to put up a catch for the bar they should let me be where I want to be. Gossip Girl. You know, maybe USC, UCLA? [Jenny takes an invitation adressed to 'Serena van der Woodsen' out of her bag, Dan panics and vanishes]. Chauffeur: Where to, Mr. Bass? 712 5TH AVE.]. Gossip Girl: Hey Upper East Siders, its that time of year again. But I've realised. GG: Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today, in the face of this company, to watch this man and this woman totally F things up. Dan Well, you look good, Jen. And apparently not very sweet. Oh my god. Gossip Girl (Voice Over): Better lock it down with Nate, B. That's pretty classy, S. I think you're more like me than you admit. Serena And if you get a drink they are also serving pigs. So my dad left her for another man. Nate: No, I think I heard your mom say she's here. No food or drink 12 hours prior, wear comfortable clothing, and make sure your affairs are in order. I loved her to death. Blair may be the person Serena is closest to, but all the main characters love Serena like family. But the first day of 6th grade changed us both. That is what the Bible tells us. There's a lot of mixed messages inGossip Girl, as the show thrived on chaos and controversy. Where does the dethroned royalty vacation these days?